Humphreysis a partner in stewardship for generations.


Diversify your portfolio with real assets managed with professionalism and integrity.

Through decades of investing, we’ve learned that nothing matters like a trustworthy and capable partner. Partnership alignment is at the foundation of all we do for investors.

Our Values

Stewarding Trust

A straightforward and fair partnership is the foundation for trust that passes from generation to generation.

Fostering Relationships

Personal connection is built on regular communication that is clear, edifying, and sincere.

Pursuing Excellence

Meticulous attention to detail drives continuous improvement in process and execution.

Our Philosophy

Our Legacy

A storied history anchored in meaningful relationships and unwavering integrity is the foundation of our firm.

  • 1950

    Jack Carlton Humphreys, a child of the Depression and WWII veteran, opens his first dime store in Oklahoma City.

  • 1967

    After playing the stock market, a trusted mentor redirects Jack to real estate investing with the first Braum’s store.

  • 1972

    A lasting partnership with a national convenience retailer leads to investment in 64 different stores.

  • 1983

    Kirk Humphreys begins syndicating income-producing real estate partnerships with monthly distributions.

  • 1997

    The Humphreys Company is formed to manage the family investment business.

  • 1998

    Kirk is elected to two terms as Mayor of Oklahoma City, where he championed successful downtown revitalization.

  • 2012

    HREIF is founded through the rollup of partnerships managed by Kirk, seeding the fund with 32 leased properties.

  • 2013

    Kirk begins forming a leadership team of relational professionals to cultivate investment and development.

  • 2016

    HREIF Board appoints Humphreys Capital as successor manager to The Humphreys Company.

  • 2017

    Vintage-year closed-end partnerships are launched for opportunistic investment in real estate development.

  • 2020

    Kirk Humphreys assumes role as Executive Chairman and brothers Grant and Blair Humphreys assume responsibilities as President and CEO.

  • 2022

    HREIF is amended to create a unique income fund offering with clear terms and structural alignment that represents a new model for private REIT investing.

Our Team

Humphreys is home to an experienced, stable team with diverse backgrounds across syndication, development, institutional investment, and portfolio management.

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